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How could we make this more engaging?

Visual Note-Taking Online

Portrait of Julia Bakay, Keynote Artist, Graphic Recorder, Facilitator

Exciting visual notes to boost your online meetings & events!

Capturing visual notes virtually

Spice up your Zoom & Teams Meetings

Are you ready to try something new?

Visual Note-taking to Increase Engagement and Communicate your ideas more effectively!

Some of my collaborations so far..

ID Nuclear - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
HMI_Probation - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
World Without Orphans - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
NHS  - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
international-water-association-organization - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
Colorado State - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
Google - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
University of Sheffield - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
Microsoft - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
BD Giving - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
Cascade_Insights - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator

One thing I love about my work is that I get to visually support a great variety of amazing causes

Visual Note-taking Online_edited.jpg

I illustrate online meetings across the world

​I've created Visual Notes for the Government, Healthcare, Environment, Educational, Technology, Financial and Charity Sectors

Illustration of Podcast - Spaces
Meeting Illustration of Inclusive Leadership

Quick & Effective Online Meeting Illustrations

Creative Meeting Illustration

Graphic Recording at a budget to suit your needs

Visual Note-taking at its finest...

 Simple Style,
with Dynamic Shapes
and Your Brand Colours

I've simpified my process to its finest to allow for a highly cost-effective way of Scribing, and to make it accessible to more organisations with Online Events

Inclusion and Diversity in Nuclear Annual Conference Virtual Graphic Recording

Why Hire A Visual Note-Taker For Your Event?

Visual Note-taking or Scribing is a great way to make your event special!

Unique - Innovative - Fun - Magical

Julia Bakay at NHS Event with Live Graphic Recording

Not only does it engage your attendees, but leaves them with a visual summary to remember you by!

Visual Note-taking during Online Meeting

It takes a lot of effort to organise an event...

A Visual Record created during a meeting can guarantee that lasting impact, even for an online event -and we know that's not easy!

Visual Note-taking is a way to  magically enhance the event experience and impact!

So, what Is Visual Note-Taking?

Visual Notes are a useful and fun way to summarize the key takeaways of an event

These colourful, rich illustrations can replace those long, boring meeting reports!

...especially the soulless Meeting Summaries created with AI.

Above all, these bright and witty images will seamlessly match your brand!

Bespoke - Fun - Collaborative - Creative

My Online Visual Note Taking Process


We meet for quick Creative Planning Call

We discuss our goals, your content, the logistics, and make creative decisions


Live Visual Note-taking during your event!

I join your online event, listen and draw the whole time!


We share the image with the attendees

You can choose from multiple screen sharing methods. I'm also happy to recap what I had captured!


You receive the image the same day!

You get to send out the image in a follow up email!

Would you like to get started?

Digital Graphic Recording in Progress

We've just had the meeting, is it too late?

We can also create wonderful Visual Notes from meeting recordings!

Is Virtual Scribing a better option for your meeting?


If the meeting is in person,
would I still prefer to tune in online?

Remote Attendance...

Allows us to gather easily from all over the world, meaning no travel costs & logistical issues!

Virtual Events Are...

Easy to arrange and set up - I've got everything we need!

Hybrid & Online Events Are...

Great for the planet - producing far less pollution than in-person events!

Nursing & Midwifery Conference 2024 - Live Illustration by Julia Bakay - Artistic Graphic

Are you looking for more elaborate and artistic ways of taking Visual Notes?

... check out my Graphic Recording page! 

That approach to Live Illustration is a more complex one, so we'll need a bit more time & budget to prepare...

Taking Notes

Visual Notes based on your meeting notes!

If you used AI to generate a meeting summary, I can bring some spirit back into it by visualizing it!

How can I use the Visual Notes after the event?

Visual Meeting Notes are often

  • sent out in a follow up emails,

  • shared on social media,

  • or printed for the office walls! 

These Visual Notes keep your event in people's minds long after it's over!

  • Why choose Virtual Graphic Recording?
    Virtual Graphic Recording has many amazing benefits. I've found it's not very well-known that almost any conference can enjoy Real-time Illustration... even if the artist is miles away! Thanks to our Virtual Graphic Recording setup, we can tune in from anywhere, while you see our canvas projected right there at your event. Magic! ✨ When I get a request for Live Graphic Recording, I follow up with some questions to evaluate what would benefit that event the most, and whether there would be added value by an artist being there in-person. So here are the main reasons why you might want to try Virtual Live Illustration for your next event Virtual Graphic Recording is more Cost Effective Having an Graphic Recording Artist tune in virtually can be more subtle Having a Graphic Recorder tune in virtually can end up being a better surprise! Virtual Graphic Recording is Inclusive Virtual Graphic Recording is Environmentally Friendly When it comes to Virtual Graphic Recording, you can work with any Visual Note-taking Artist in the world Enjoy the full article on the benefits of Virtual Graphic Recording!
  • How much does Graphic Recording cost?
    Event rates for Live Scribing / Graphic Recording currently range from £700 to £2200 The cost will vary depending on many factors, such as the number of sessions to capture, whether the event is remote or in-person, and if it's to be captured in real-time or from a recording ​ Virtual Graphic Recording can cut costs significantly compared to in-person, as we can skip all the costs associated with travelling to the event (especially when they're overseas!) I'm happy to chat and together we can find the best approach that serves your event within the scope of your budget! I've written a detailed article on Graphic Recording Rates & Fees!
  • What's included in the Graphic Recording package?
    This service includes everything needed for a successful Live Event Visualization! Pre-event planning calls A Branded Digital Template Developing the visual style that suits your event and message A technical rehearsal prior to the event Digital Graphic Recording for the duration of the program, using your own vibrant colors Optional screen-sharing during the event - as it unfolds or at the end of the day The polished graphics in both high-resolution and low-resolution are provided within 24 hours, so you can send them out in a follow-up email or share on social media A round of edits is included in the quote, so that you can go through the graphic and suggest changes before receiving the final version
  • Can I request a Quick Quote for Live Graphic Recording?
    Absolutely! In order to give you a quote, I'll need to know a little about what you’re looking for and how many sessions you'd like recorded. My rates are flexible to reflect the nature of the event and various factors, such as: Number of hours to Graphic Record Remote or in-person event Illustration (the latter includes travel costs) Capturing in real-time or from a recording Combining with other graphic projects supporting the event Send me a message and we'll figure something out!
  • What is the difference between Graphic Recording, Scribing, Visual Note-taking, and Live Illustration?
    To be honest, not much! It's such a niche profession, we do it in many ways, and have many names for it Graphic Recording and Scribing are one and the same, the former is more common in the US and Canada, while the latter is commonly used in the UK Some of us prefer to call what we do Visual Note-taking or Live Illustration. I personally believe these are easier to understand for those who have never heard of it Visual Facilitation may cover Graphic Recording, but generally means a more interactive approach - when we help design or lead a workshop with visual tools So don't worry, these are all used interchangeably!
  • Can we create Live Illustrations based on Recordings of an event?
    Has your event already taken place, but you'd like a Visual Summary of the key ideas? No worries - if you have an audio or video recording of the main sessions or talks, I can absolutely work with that! All the Visual Notes above can be created based on audio or video recordings as well and the costs may be reduced, as the timing is more flexible!
  • Where can we use Graphic Recording and Live Illustration?
    Live Illustration is a great solution for any in-person, hybrid, or online event! Graphic Recording during big Corporate Events, Conferences, Congresses... Keynote speeches Customer Events Product Launch Events Capturing Roundtable sessions Panel Discussions Fireside Chats Q & A sessions Customer Events Product Launch Events Internal Events, Leadership and Board Meetings, Team-building Workshops Visualising Purpose, Values, and Work Culture Sessions Journey Mapping Strategy Design Sessions Breakout room discussions and outputs Other Special Events Research Presentations Universities Graduations (with Keynotes) Award shows Coaching Sessions or Workshops
  • I need a Live Illustrator for a conference held in London next week. Is that possible?
    Ideally, we need a couple of weeks to prepare for Live Illustration, especially if the Conference is in person and requires travelling. The service generally includes a Creative Planning Call, a Branded Digital Template, and a Technical Rehearsal prior to the event, and these all contribute to the overall success of the event visualization! That's not to say it's not possible, especially if you happen to get in touch at the right time - so send me a message and we'll explore our options!
  • Would you be willing to travel to the USA to be our Graphic Recorder at our Conference in San Francisco?
    If you'd like me to travel to the US and are happy to cover my travel expenses, I'm there! Many of my clients are from the States, as that's where my Graphic Recording business started. Thankfully, Virtual Graphic Recording has allowed us to continue our creative collaboration, even when travelling isn't an option, as I can now join to Graphic Record conferences based in the States from anywhere in the world.
  • Are you the right Live Illustrator/ Graphic Recorder for my event?
    I might be the Live Illustrator for you, if you love the Live Illustrations showcased on my website wish to choose from various visual styles and see which one serves your message the best are looking for beautiful Digital Illustrations with vibrant colours and artistic touches want high quality and polished artworks to take away after your event try to support small businesses appreciate the flexibility of tailoring Live Illustration projects to your budget value real human connection in your partnerships need the process to feel easy and enjoyable
  • How does Virtual Graphic Recording work? Can you join my event via Zoom?
    Whether your event is online, hybrid, or in person, as long as you have a computer and reliable internet, we should have no problem setting up for a Virtual Graphic Recording! I'm able to share my canvas directly to your Zoom screen (just like we would share a Presentation) and to share my screen with your attendees in the room, you'll just have to connect the computer to the projector! At it's simplest form, we can set up a virtual meeting (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, etc.) and set the computer up to make sure the speakers are audible. Does this sound too complicated? No worries, it's easier done than said. That is why we usually have a brief technical rehearsal before the event! Although I've had many successful Graphic Recording sessions on Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and other online event platforms, Zoom has proven to be the most reliable one when it comes to high quality screen sharing during Live Illustration.
  • What type of Events can we Graphic Record / Live Illustrate?
    Keynote Speeches Annual Conferences Kick-Off Conferences Board Meetings, Leadership Meetings Innovation Meetings Strategy Meetings and Workshops Product Launches Round Table Sessions Panel Discussions Market Research Meetings Webinars Galas, Award Ceremonies ...basically anything with a great monologue or conversation happening! If Graphic Recording is not an option - say, too many sessions at once - , you might want to consider creating a Live Visual Summary instead!
  • Is Digital Graphic Recording better?
    I love taking Visual Notes digitally, and here are a few great reasons for that! Here are the top 10 reasons I could think of... Digital Graphic Recording allows us to make better use of your brand colours and themes we can reach amazing levels of artistry with Digital Visual Note-taking The ability to edit the information post live Graphic Recording is super practical Opportunity to update the graphic records years after the event Our Live Illustration can look stunning projected or connected to a large screen in the room During the conference, you can control when you'd like to share the Graphic Recording! Digital Graphic Recording is more environmentally friendly & practical than the analogue version Multiple formats/parts can be exported right after Visual Note-taking With Digital Graphic Recording, you'll get the images immediately in high quality Digital Graphic Recording allows for easy online sharing! If you'd like to find out more about this, enjoy my detailed article on the Benefits of Digital Graphic Recording!
  • Is Graphic Recording Real-time?
    The answer is - it’s absolutely possible. Ultimately, the more the graphic recorder prepares for your event - spending the time, having the resources, and asking the right questions -, the better output you can expect in real time! Check out the article, 'Is Graphic Recording Real-time?' learn more about how you can facilitate our work!
  • What is a Visual Conference Summary?
    I get more and more requests for this unique event visualizing approach, as we start preparing for a conference we'll be Graphic Recording. Visual Conference Summaries are different in that we create only one graphic to summarize the whole day, instead of multiple session graphics! Why would one prefer a Visual Conference Summary? Perhaps they don't see the need for each session's visual documentation Sometimes the details are too confidential to circulate around on the internet in the form of a graphic - they just want to see the big picture the need for one graphic they can share in a follow up email or on social media, as a high-level summary I've written an article on this, including examples of Visual Conference Summaries I created for the International Water Association and the NHS.
  • How do we plan for Digital Graphic Recording?
    We can prepare together to create a successful event experience! ​ Before the event, we'll schedule a call to ... Review the background, our objectives, and who the attendees are Walk through the agenda (if we have one) and align on our plan for the sessions - what we will listen for, the key takeaways, and what success looks like Discuss your preferred style, brand colors, logos, and any specific imagery to capture or to avoid Explore the audio-visual setup and display options for both hybrid and virtual events This is the process we follow for events & conferences - read more about this type of Graphic Recording. It's quite an enjoyable and creative process! If you just need me to hop on and be your Visual Note-taker at an online event, I have simplified the process to make that possible.
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