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I'm Julia Bakay,
a Keynote Artist & Visual Strategist

I support organisations with Visual Summaries...

using my skills and talents to translate their message into accessible, engaging, and useful visual maps!

I either create these illustrations during events I'm invited to, or we work together to build these visuals over several weeks.

Keynote Artist Julia Bakay Garden Work

An Artist with degrees in Education, Fine Art, English & Organisational Leadership

Julia Bakay Adventurer Portrait in Washington State Park

Coincidentally relevant Qualifications

Master’s in
Organizational Leadership
Medaille University, New York

Master’s in
Education, English Studies,
Fine Art & Art History

University of Szeged, Hungary 

Bachelor’s Scholarship,
​English & French Studies
Université d’Angers, France

Bachelor’s in
Visual Communication
& English Studies

University of Szeged, Hungary

Interviews & Podcasts

Let's Talk Creative
​Interview with Kali Nikolova on
​what I do and how I stay creative

Abroad out of Adventure (Podcast)
Episode #45 (HU)
interview with Dora Pataki on
​my adventures as a Digital Nomad

I'm an Artist, an Optimist, a Creative Spirit

I spent my early 20s taking creative roles all over Europe and the US, enjoying wonderful scholarships and seeking any opportunities to learn something new. ​I went with the flow, going wherever the currents of curiosity took me.


There I was, with a diverse range of work experiences, three languages, awesome practical life skills, and more degrees than I could ever need...


Then, I found my passion...

What does a Keynote Artist do?

Also known as a Graphic Recorder & Facilitator, 

as a Keynote Artist, I use my creative thinking skills & artistic talents to benefit organizations and individuals.

When my clients find me with a project, my aim is to find the most effective, engaging and aesthetic methods to communicate their ideas and intentions.

Graphic Recording Artist Julia Bakay
Colorado State - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
ID Nuclear - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
HMI_Probation - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
international-water-association-organization - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
NHS  - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
World Without Orphans - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
Google - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator

A Small, independent business,

supporting big, important causes

I love the illustration part of my work, but it's our collaboration that makes it most enjoyable and meaningful.

Why hire a big agency when you can enjoy a 1:1 creative process with an artist dedicated to your project?

By working with me, you're supporting a small & independent live illustration business
- and that's what the world needs more of!

Definition of
Visual Services

Live Graphic Recording or Scribing

is a moment-by-moment capture and summary during live events. Focusing on distilling the information from sessions to create a visual map of the key ideas

Live Illustration for Events

is a visual summary of the entire day, or across multiple days, of an event. Illustrating scenes, activities, and key take-aways

Visual Note-taking

Can happen during online meetings, events, workshops or even based on audio and video recordings for more elaborate & refined graphics

Graphic Facilitation

as a Visual Thinking Partner, I help

  • think through, simplify or map out ideas and processes

  • design creative workshops

  • translate your message into simple and powerful graphics

Live Graphic Recording, Digital Scribing Setup

Artistic Capturing

key ideas captured, linked, and visualized in a unique (Julia) style. More of a free-flowing and artistic method of capturing the feel and ambience of a conversation

Strategic Visuals

are a result of our visual collaboration, such as mapping journeys, visualizing strategies, or visually organizing the contents of written documentation

Infographics / Rich Pictures

a hand-drawn visual summary of a complex idea or process to make it more understandable, accessible and engaging


a visual representation of information with little to no text

What are my rates for these
visual services?

Each client, event and project is different, therefore,
my rates are quite flexible. 

They depend on...


  • Your budget

  • Hours the project takes

  • In-person or remote

  • The style and approach, such as how detailed you'd like it and in what format

If you have a budget in mind, we can tailor the scope of the project around it. I'm always looking for opportunities to work with amazing people and organizations; I'm keen on building great relationships and I appreciate long-term collaborations.

Graphic Recording in the United Kingdom, 
Central & Eastern Europe,
& the United States

I join and Live Illustrate most events entirely remotely, but here are some snippets from my calendar that may help see where you can book me in person without any travel needed!

Upcoming Graphic Recording Locations and Opportunities

Visual Scribing in Budapest & Vienna 

Summer & Autumn, 2024

Graphic Recording in Tampa, Florida

Autumn, 2025

Live Event Illustration from London to Edinburgh

Summer 2024- Summer 2025

Julia Bakay Housesitting on a beach with a dog

How to find me

​​I was last seen in England, but given that all my work happens virtually, I enjoy wandering around this beautiful world.

You have the best chance of running into me while you're hiking, camping, doing yoga, or swing dancing...

Otherwise, try here

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