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Thoughts from a Keynote Artist & Visual Strategist

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Transform your Meeting Summaries into Visual Notes!

What's missing from AI-generated Meeting Summaries?

Although it's a massive technological improvement, AI generated Meeting Summaries lack a lot of what people actually need and appreciate in a summary. In this article, I'll focus on what's missing from AI Meeting Summaries, and how a (Human) Visual Thinker can fix them. ;)

Meeting Notes before Visual Scribing

Visual Meeting Summaries bring back the Spirit, the Nuance, and the Wit!

AI generated meeting summaries lack any personality - that's why they can feel more boring than ever. In a world of content overload and extreme screen times, a long, dull meeting report is the last thing we'd need... especially one written by AI!

Visual Meeting Summary created from Meeting Notes

Visual Meeting Summaries can actually capture the essence

Will AI ever be able to judge and rank the importance of information in the spoken word?

If it does, it's because of some predetermined coding — filtering out things it was told to, and prioritizing the content it's familiar with. Based on the Meeting Summaries I've come across, it can list the events one after the other, but it doesn't have the experience and logic to judge the weight of the information received.

That's where a professional visual Note-taker — or, as I like to call it, the Keynote Artistcomes in! We are fine tuned to synthesize the information we hear in real-time to capture and link the true essence of your conversations.

Visual Workshop Summary

Visual Meeting Summaries are colourful and engaging

Great writers could do an amazing tweaking some spirit into these meeting summaries, but the text heaviness still stands. We can take that big chunk of text and turn it into something that actually pulls you in, and makes you remember the details: Visual Notes.

How much do these Visual Meeting Notes Cost?

The great news is that these post-event Visual Notes can be tailored to match your budget! The rates can depend on the amount of information you'd like included, combined with the level of artistry and detail you choose for your Visual Meeting Summaries!

Read on to find out more about the opportunities within Visual Note-taking!


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