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Thoughts from a Keynote Artist & Visual Strategist

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Visuals for HMI Probation

What a brilliant experience it has been to create hand-drawn visuals to support the information gathered by HMI Probation's Research Team! A small team who has a lot to share - and found that visuals could help them get their message across and make their website a more engaging experience for their visitors.

These graphics were created in collaboration with HMI Probation's Head of Research, Robin Moore, who has been a joy to work with!

So WHO are they? What do they do and why? How do they carry all of this out? Read on to find out more about HMI Probation's Research team!

Hand-drawn Visuals for HMI Probation Research

Their High Quality Services and Delivery are driven by the following important components of PRESENCE. Explore this visuals to see what that means -

Hand-drawn Visuals for HMI Probation Research

In the team's research activities (building and promoting the evidence base) the HMI Probation's team applies the following TACTICS:

Hand-drawn Visuals for HMI Probation Research

Effective language in HMI Probation services should be Inclusive, Strengths-based, Considerate, Non-Stigmatising, Empowering, and Person-centred.

And this is just the beginning - continue visiting their website to see more of these as our creative collaboration continues!


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