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Thoughts from a Keynote Artist & Visual Strategist

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Live Visual Scribing... tailored to your desired rates!

Tips on how to make Live Visual Scribing more cost effective

Big International Conferences and Global Summits usually have the budget to spend on the full Visual Event Service I offer. But what about small organizations, low-budget meetings or workshops? I'd like everyone to have access to some form of Event Visualization, and that's why I developed a new, simpler approach to Visual Scribing!

Thanks to this, when an organization approaches me sharing that their budget is rather limited, there is always something I can offer. I would start by walking them through the following - to make sure they have explored all ways we can cut costs - and see what's possible!

Choose Virtual Scribing to cut costs

The biggest cost-saver would be not travelling there in person; travel expenses raise the Live Scribing day rates significantly. If your event can work around that, we can really start negotiating - when I get to do the live drawing from my studio, I'm no longer forced to charge for a half or full day!

It's a little known fact that almost any event (even in-person ones) can benefit from the artist joining online! Read on if you'd like to understand how Virtual Scribing works and why you might want to choose it!

Live Visual Scribing Setup Remotely via Zoom

Live Scribing for only certain parts of your event

Thanks to Virtual Scribing, I can just hop in and capture a keynote speech, a panel discussion, or a small corporate meeting! When you spend on having me travel there (often even fly!) it doesn't make sense to just have me visually capture a couple hours. However, when I join your event online, it can be for a 30-minute-long conversation!

Choose Digital Scribing to save on materials

There are many wonderful reasons to go with Digital Scribing, but from this perspective the most important one is that is is simply adds up to be cheaper to do so! Analogue Scribing means that you'll be covering the purchase and shipment of the boards, sheets and markers - and more often than not, you'll need an artist in the room! :D

Pick a simpler, minimalist Visual Scribing style from my portfolio

The amazing perk of having such a wide range of Live Scribing styles is that we can go from minimalist to wildly artistic, depending on how much you'd like to spend on it! Because yes, we can cut costs by opting for a simpler style of visual note-taking that I can perfect by the end of the capture!

Visual Scribing Live
Live Visual Scribing artistic beautiful example

Keep the Live Scribing at a high level for lower rates

Again, there can be a difference weather I'm capturing 3-5 key points, or every powerful idea throughout a session of Visual Scribing!

Live Scribing - UNESCO Meeting - Key notes visualized
Live Visual Scribing Example - Cyber Security - Tech Company

Post-event Visual Scribing is always a budget-friendly solution

This links well into post-event capturing, whether based on recordings or meeting summaries - when the capturing doesn't happen LIVE, we don't need to book a specific date, so that gives me more flexibility time-wise.

You can enjoy the benefits of Visual Scribing - on a budget!

All this to say, that if you really want Visual Scribing for your event, meeting or workshop, but you don't have £1000+ to spend on it, feel free to discuss it with me because there probably is a way!

To see more examples and learn about the process, read on!


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