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10 reasons to choose Digital Graphic Recording

I LOVE Digital Graphic Recording.

In many ways, I actually find it more challenging than drawing on paper; it took ages to learn how to control my pen sliding on the glassy surface of a tablet. However, for what I value in the artworks I deliver, it serves the purpose much more than the original analogue (paper & markers) Graphic Recording approach.

And so, I decided to collect the advantages I found when it comes to Digital Event Illustration.

Sharing screen at this event during real-time Digital Graphic Recording
Sharing my screen at this event during real-time Digital Graphic Recording

Digital Graphic Recording allows us to make better use of your brand colours and themes

I find that brand colours are highly beneficial to use on many unexpected levels. We may not realise, but a Live artwork that follows the colours of the event - whether obviously or in subtle ways - actually helps the experience sink in further. There is something reassuring about enjoying the same colours across different mediums and platforms, from the email invitation, to the conference room decorations, and then the artwork itself.

People's visual memory stretches far beyond what we'd expect. Years later, when they come across that artwork, they'll know which event they had seen it at before.

Digital Visual Note-taking can reach amazing levels of artistry

....that I found hard to reach real-time with the paper-marker combination - creative colouring, intricate shading, and immersive textures are made possible with our digital tools. I've previously delved into what I think is possible, in my article on The fine Art of Graphic Recording.

Ability to edit the information post Graphic Recording

When I give prices for Graphic Recording, I quote for post-event edits (up to an hour's work). This is to ensure the client is happy with the information captured, and the visuals I came up with on the spot. Sometimes I capture something that turns out to be rather sensitive information they'd prefer to be erased, sometimes they'd like to add a few bits someone forgot to mention but are necessary for the full picture!

Opportunity to update the graphic years after the event

Sometimes clients reach out to me years later to just update a date or logo on a visual! I have even been asked to recolour a graphic because the client's brand guidelines changed since, but they were still using the visual regularly.

Can look stunning projected/connected to a large screen in the room

...or several screens if we're lucky with the venue!

The Graphic Recording in your vibrant brand colours can fill all canvases in the room - it can be a powerful experience to see a Visual Summary of what the event had achieved!

You can control when you'd like to share the Graphic Recording!

Non-digital Graphic Recording also provides a big surface to look at (with someone drawing on it), but when it comes to digital graphic recording you can control when and where you show the artwork! It can be shared continuously, or just during the breaks - and serve as a touchstone for conversation, or kept as a surprise until the end of the event!

Digital Graphic Recording is more environmentally friendly & practical

Purchasing, transporting, and then storing large canvases, panels, and markers is not as environmentally friendly (and practical) as working on a tablet. Our tablets and computers are used either way, even during an analogue Graphic Recording process. For example, to follow the agenda, search for reference images, or to digitalize the artwork post-event!

Multiple formats/parts can be exported right after Graphic Recording

...instead of taking home a canvas, you'll get a folder with various files, from high quality printable PDFs to transparent PNGs of the parts! Knowing how you'd like to use the visual later can help us choose the shape and type of digital canvas that will serve that purpose.

Digital Graphic Recording allows for easy online sharing!

With Digital Graphic Recording, you'll get the images immediately in high quality. Right after the event, and while the experience is fresh, you'll be able to post the visual on social media or send it out in a follow-up email to the attendees...

It makes Virtual Graphic Recording possible!

Above all, Digital Graphic Recording allows me to tune into events across the world, and capture takeaways while sharing my screen. Read on to learn more about the wonders of virtual Live Illustration!



Personally, I use digital note taking to record work stuff in a day planner on my computer, I've even installed a few programs to do this. If you want, I can run Screen Capture and make a recording for you of the programs I use for this.

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