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Anything is Possible

with amazing visuals

By Julia Bakay

Julia Bakay Information Artist Portrait

Hi, I'm Julia!

Julia Bakay clients include NHS Yelp ID Nuclear,  University of Sheffield, Colorado State University, Yelp, Roswell Park

And what do you do?

Virtual Graphic Recording at  venue with large screen

visually capturing and connecting the key ideas, for an engaging and stunning visual map to take away

I do virtual 
at events, workshops & conferences 

Creating Strategic Visuals, hand drawn Infographics

Visual support in a wide range of styles

Hand-drawn infographics I create with organisations to distill, structure and illustrate complex information in creative ways

and I create 

Graphic Recording based on Claire Pedrick Keynote Speech

So what is
Graphic Recording?

Scribing・Sketchnoting・Visual Notes

Graphic Recording is the real-time translation of conversations into a visual map of text and images.

This happens live during virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. I join and listen, as my role is to draw and link the key ideas in creative ways. I work in many styles and will make sure to find the one that suits your event the most.

*Now booking for events in January 2024*

Visual Communication for Organizations

Why create
Strategic Visuals?

Infographics・Illustration・Journey Mapping・Rich Pictures ​

Creative communication strategies are essential to cut through the noise these days. I'm here to organize and share ideas in new ways by turning complex information into  understandable and compelling graphics.

We can work together to give your message the impact you had imagined!

Visual Notes by Julia Bakay, Sheffield, England

"I highly recommend Julia if you're looking for someone to support a conference or presentation... or indeed to help you communicate more simply!"

Claire Pedrick MCC

Award winning Coach

Clients using Graphic Recording and Strategic Visuals
  • Printable Banners & Posters

  • Flyers & Postcards

  • Digital Social Media Content

  • Strategy & Journey Mapping

  • Visualizing Goals

  • Illustrating Values 

  • Training Graphics

  • Project Summaries

  • Website Banners and Assets

  • Presentation Slides

  • Personalized Gifts

  • Pre-event Graphics

  • Live Graphic Recording

  • Post-event Graphics

Get a quote!

What service are you interested in?

Describe your idea, if you'd like! 

Pricing is always based on the precise needs of each client and the scale of the project. If you can give your desired range, I can adjust the project and my rates accordingly.
Let's see what's possible!

Thank you for getting in touch! I can't wait to read it and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for visiting!

Let's connect on LinkedIn!

Julia Bakay Graphic Recording Logo
Hand painted Digital Journals and Planners, the Optimism Journal

Creative Tools for Wellbeing

Check out some of my self-help tools!

​I've published a series of illustrated Digital Journals and Digital Planners to help us take our lives into our hands!

Introducing: The Optimism Journal!

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