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Anything is Possible

with amazing visuals

By Julia Bakay

Portrait of Julia Bakay, Keynote Artist, Graphic Recorder, Facilitator

Hi, I'm Julia!

Colorado State - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
ID Nuclear - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
HMI_Probation - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
international-water-association-organization - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
NHS  - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
World Without Orphans - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
Google - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator

& Visual Summaries

You're in the right place for

Live Illustration

I offer a variety of LIVE ILLUSTRATION Services

and VISUAL THINKING Business Support

Digital Graphic Recording during Conference

I capture and connect your key ideas, for an engaging experience and a visual map to take away!

workshops & conferences 

Available Remotely!


Visual Note Taking - Visual Scribing Tablet

Live Illustration at online events - the quick and easy virtual option

Illustrations telling your story in a unique Visual Note-taking style!


Hand-drawn Human Illustrated Infographics
Strategic Visual Facilitation Examples

1:1 visual thinking support 

...which often results in visuals we create to distill, structure and illustrate complex information

Visual summaries in a wide range of styles

Graphic Recording based on Claire Pedrick Keynote Speech

So what is a

Real-time Illustration?

Live Illustration for Events・Digital Scribing・Sketchnoting・Visual Note-taking

Live Illustration, also known as Graphic Recording, is the real-time translation of conversations into a visual map. The live drawing can happen by tuning in remotely, and you can see the Visual Notes building on your screen or projected in  the room!

Visual Communication for Organizations

Why create
Visual Summaries?

Illustrated Infographics・Journey Mapping・Visual Storytelling・Strategy Mapping

Creative communication strategies are essential to cut through the noise these days. I'm here to organize and share ideas in new ways by turning complex information into  understandable and compelling graphics.

We can work together to give your message the impact you had imagined!

Live Illustration based on Zoom Online Meeting

Got an online meeting you'd like to spice up? 

We can keep Live Illustration simple! 

I've developed a simpler approach to live capturing to make it more accessible to smaller online events

Explore Live Visual Note-taking for Online Meetings!

  • Strategy & Journey Mapping

  • Visualizing Goals

  • Illustrating Values 

  • Training Graphics

  • Project Summaries

  • Annual Report Illustration

  • Visualized Research Outcomes

  • Printable Banners & Posters

  • Flyers & Postcards

  • Digital Social Media Content

  • Reports and Visual Summaries

  • Website Banners and Assets

  • Presentation Slides

  • Personalized Gifts

  • Graphic Facilitation

  • Pre-event Graphics

  • Live Graphic Recording

  • Post-event Graphics

University of Sheffield - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
Microsoft - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
BD Giving - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
Yelp - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
Kadampa Buddhism - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
Cascade_Insights - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator
Roswell Park - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator

Happy Clients

decorative element

One thing I love about my work is that I get to support a great range of amazing causes. Most of my Live Illustration work happens in the Government, Healthcare, Environment, Education and Charity sectors

HMI_Probation - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator

Robin Moore,
Head of Research at HMI Probation

"Working with Julia on visuals to support the work of HM Inspectorate of Probation was an absolute joy. She understood our work and our needs so quickly, and was so responsive to all our requests. It was the first time that I have worked with a visual illustrator, and it was not only a great learning experience seeing the visuals develop, but also highly enjoyable thanks to Julia's friendly, positive, engaging, and collaborative approach. The final illustrations have been incredibly well received both internally and externally, which is a real testament to Julia's work - I have no doubt that we will be using them for many years to come. A big thank you Julia!"

Persis Ramirez,
Programme Officer,
International Water Association

"​Julia is an exceptional visual artist whom I had the pleasure of engaging during the coordination and development of an international event. Julia's creative brilliance and meticulous attention to detail were evident throughout our project, as she effortlessly translated complex sanitation concepts into visually stunning representations that amplified the impact of our event. Not only did her work captivate the audience, but it also effectively conveyed the essence of the information presented. Julia's professionalism and collaborative approach made the entire experience seamless and enjoyable. Her unique blend of creativity and reliability makes her an invaluable asset to any project."
National Health Service - Client of Julia Bakay Live Illustrator

Chris Morley,

Chief Nurse at NHS

“Your presence and your artwork added a unique and inspiring dimension to the event, capturing the essence of the day in a truly remarkable way. The feedback we have received from conference attendees has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you for sharing your talents with us and for helping to make our conference a memorable and impactful event.”

A Small, Independent Live Illustration Business

supporting Big, Important Causes

Are you interested?

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How can I help you?

Describe your idea, if you'd like! 

Pricing is always based on the precise needs of each client and the scale of the project. If you can give your desired range, I always try to tailor the project and my rates accordingly.
Let's see what's possible!

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I hope you've enjoyed your time here!

Julia Bakay remote illustrator Portrait

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