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Benefits of Virtual Graphic Recording

Why choose virtual Graphic Recording when you get the choice?

During the lockdowns of 2020 and all events becoming virtual, we saw a demand for the development of virtual graphic recording solutions. As a result, virtual graphic recording has since been bringing more life and colour into online events, which, as the years go by and with so many of us working remotely, proved to be more beneficial more than we'd previously thought.

With hybrid and in-person events continuing to take place, I'm finding that many people assume if you have an off-line event, you need a Graphic Recorder to be physically in the room. Although we're often more than happy to travel and we also love experiencing the great energies of the room, I see many benefits of Virtual Graphic Recording that I would like to share today.

When I get a request for Graphic Recording, I follow up with some questions to evaluate whether that specific event would truly benefit from an artist being there in-person. Here are some reasons why you might want to opt for the Virtual option when you get the chance...

Benefits of Virtual Graphic Recording

Virtual Graphic Recording is more Cost Effective

Graphic Recording is a specialty skillset, it's quite niche and every event requires a unique approach, including both physical and mental preparation. Graphic Recording - if you're looking for a quality service - shouldn't be cheap. The greatest cost saving comes from the lack of travel expenses, associated fees, and the materials required! When travelling to the scene of the event, some Graphic Recorders and Facilitators charge an extra half-day rate, as they're not able to work whilst travelling.

You can get the same value while reducing the cost if you opt for Virtual Graphic Recording. The quality is the same; the difference is in the execution. A physical presence can provide a certain 'je ne sais quoi' which suits some events, while for others it would be completely unnecessary.

Having an Graphic Recording Artist tune in virtually can be more subtle

I've been asked to capture conversations where people were invited to open up and be vulnerable - they didn't want to audio record the session, just have visual notes to take away. This is a typical example of when conversations or events just don't benefit from an extra person in the room.

Having a Graphic Recorder tune in virtually can end up being a better surprise!

How my work is announced greatly determines how it will be received. People are always amazed that this work happens real-time, and when they look at an illustration (even if it's clearly related to the event) most would never assume that it happened there and then. Telling the attendees in the beginning that this is happening can be an incentive for them to share more insights, stay until the end, or just to have something to look forward to! However, it's also been quite fun when I hadn't been announced and I'm asked to come on at the end, share the illustration, and summarize what I'd captured! It's a nice treat for the audience. and, when captured Virtually, this kind of surprise element is easier to carry out!

Virtual Graphic Recording is Inclusive

At a Hybrid Event, Virtual Graphic Recording provides equal experience to those in the room and those who can only join online - this way people from home can enjoy it on their screen while people in the room can see it projected on a large canvas!

Virtual Graphic Recording is Environmentally Friendly

Needless to say, not flying to every event certainly decreases our footprint. This Eco-Friendly version of Graphic Recording also saves us the big sheets of papers and several markers per session. Events with an environmental or climate theme often benefit from showcasing such a great example of what's possible - without any environmental harm.

When it comes to Virtual Graphic Recording, you can work with any Visual Note-taking Artist in the world long as they speaks your event's language. Time differences rarely hinder us when it comes to a great Virtual Graphic Recording opportunity, I particularly enjoyed Graphic Recording for conferences in San Francisco and Rwanda, while sitting in my studio in England. There is something magical about tuning into an event at the other side of the world. On the other hand, the clients also get to pick the Graphic Recording artist they like the most!


Thoughts from a Keynote Artist & Visual Strategist

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