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Thoughts from a Keynote Artist & Visual Strategist

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Visual Note Taking for Online & Hybrid Events

Visual Note-taking allows you to add a new dimension to those virtual events!

It's a little known yet easy & wonderful way to boost those Online & Hybrid event experiences! Visual Note-taking helps engage your attendees and gives them a stunning summary to take away.

Though once required by necessity, Virtual & Hybrid Events are here to stay

Although we might appreciate the energies of an in-person gathering now and then, we've now experienced the convenience and unique offerings of an online or hybrid event - especially when considering travel times and budgets. We've also discovered some events suit virtual solutions really well and it comes with many unexpected benefits, such as people being able to tune in from all over the world!

Virtual Events have become normalized now, and thus our levels of 'Zoom fatigue' have adapted. However, these online events have also lost their initial thrill - if you ever felt it - and we seek new ways to instil some life into them.

How does Visual Note-taking enhance the online event experience?

Visual Note Taking for an Online Event
  • Visual Note-taking engages your audience

  • People feel more seen and heard when someone is visually capturing their words

  • The attendees get a visual summary to take away after the event

  • It makes the online experience memorable in the long run - and we know that's not easy when it comes to a virtual event!

What we need for Visual Note-taking in an online/hybrid setting

Luckily, if you're already holding a Virtual or Hybrid event, you have made online Visual Note-taking possible!

For the Visual Note-taking

  • An invite to your online meeting - Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, etc.

For screen-sharing during the online event

  • A screen-sharing permission - for the online part of your event

For screen-sharing during the in-person part of a hybrid event

  • A projector connected to your zoom meeting - you hopefully already have this set up for the presentation slides, or just to include the online participants!

It's that simple!

Visual Note-taking behind the scenes

Visual Note Taking Online Event Setup

So what happens from the Keynote Artist's point of view?

I draw on my tablet, and that tablet is connected to my computer. Therefore, I can share my screen real-time at your meeting, just like you would share presentation slides.

Do you see me taking visual notes during the meeting?

Yes! You can see my canvas, as it builds, throughout the meeting. However, having my screen fully shared can be too distracting for some online events. So, we have a few other best Visual Note-taking practices...

Visual Note Taking Online during Zoom Meeting

Screen sharing options for Visual Note-taking

  1. We can share my screen through my camera window! This means that instead of my face, you'll see my canvas in my camera window! If someone is intrigued, they can pin that window and focus on it - for those who would rather watch the speaker, mine is just a small screen in their Zoom gallery, so not a distraction at all

  2. We can share the Live Illustration during the coffee breaks This is a fun way to show that the image is building - and show the attendees a recap of what had happened until that point! People can hang around in the breaks and talk about the artwork... it's a great touchstone for conversations!

  3. We can share my screen at the end of the event! This can be an amazing surprise, or something to look forward to if announced in advance! I can also provide a summary of the key ideas I heard and captured, and it can be a wonderful way to wrap up an online event!

Read on to see examples of my online Live Illustration work,

or get in touch if you'd like to get started!


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