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The Real Benefits of Live Illustration

Why invite a Graphic Recorder to your Conference?

When I cast my mind back to the best Conferences, Events, and Workshops I've been to before becoming a Graphic Recorder, I find warm memories and a sense of gratitude. I'm impressed with the wit and wisdom of the speakers and often got to enjoy collaborating with a smaller group I happened to be assigned to. I'm thankful that it had been organised, and I'm glad I got to be there.

The question is - how much of the content do I actually remember? I recall taking notes and I could always look for those pieces of paper, if only I knew which country I left them in. If I re-read them, then some things might come back and some knowledge might hang around for a little longer.

I wish I had known that Visual Note-taking was an option back then, I really do.

Best and most popular Graphic Recording and Live Illustration Examples

Live Illustration at your Conference, Event, or Workshop offers many benefits...

◆ Engages Attendees

Hand-drawn visuals make any in-person, hybrid, or virtual event far more engaging. It can be a great help to see the process as the event unfolds or, when that might be too distracting, the Live Illustration can be dramatically displayed at the end

◆ Creates an Event to Remember

Visuals make the event more memorable, as Live Illustration brings some colour and vibrancy to your (often virtual or hybrid) event! Working in the style of your choice, and using your own brand colours, we can create a masterpiece tailored to you. Ending your event with such a hand-drawn Live Illustration can really bring it all together, in a way that is both personal and unifying

◆ Inspires Conversations

These Visual Summaries can be used long after the meeting to inspire and to continue conversations. In some cases, we use these captured notes to create Infographics together; these visuals are more detailed, refined, and organised as a result of a longer post-event collaboration. Infographics are often used in meetings, trainings, printed as posters, or just kept for company records

◆ Great for Documenting & Sharing

Thanks to this visual documentation, the event will live on as the final piece is shared with everyone who attended, along with everyone on social media and other online platforms

◆ Summarizes Key Takeaways

Finally, on a personal level, we went there to learn and would like to remember as much as we can. Many of us are visual learners and, by capturing the key takeaways, these graphics help attendees retain what is most valuable

Verba volant, scripta manent', - latin proverb - "Spoken words fly away, written ones remain"

.... and how can we make the written word more engaging in the 21st century?

Perhaps with thoughtful, witty, and beautifully hand-crafted visuals.

Genie promoting Graphic Recording

Visit my page for examples of Live Illustration and to find out more about this creative service!


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