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Digital Graphic Recording at NHS Event

Another wonderful day of Live Graphic Recording for the NHS!

The 'LED Celebration Event', hosted by the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, was an award ceremony honouring and celebrating their employees who went through trainings and courses to improve themselves - alongside their full-time jobs!

I arrived with a template consisting of light colours, but then when I saw the venue and the branded decoration, I decided to completely change the colour palette! The magic of using Digital Graphic Recording at this NHS event, allowed me to pick up and use the exact colours surrounding me to create this graphic!

Digital Graphic Recording at NHS Event

I was stationed near the back of the room, studiously listening and drawing throughout the award ceremony. During the event, the big screen was mostly used to showcase the names of the award winners, As you can see in the photo below - attendees could enjoy my canvas on the big screen when my creation took centre stage!

 Digital Graphic Recording Projected on Large Screen during Event

Another amazing advantage of Digital Graphic Recording is that soon after the event, I could send the artwork to the LED team in various formats. This allowed them to send the visual out in follow-up emails, and post about it on social media. It will also be printed to join our growing gallery of Illustrated Posters and former Live Event Illustrations we created together!

Julia Bakay Keynote Artist holding Tablet after Digital Graphic Recording


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