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Graphic Summary for World Without Orphans

Dad lifting child loving family

World Without Orphans Europe (WWO) came to me with an amazing project - they were looking to explain what they do in a simple, yet powerful way to tell their story.

The challenge was that people wouldn't understand their role - for example, they're often approached with questions about adoption and fostering. When looking for funding, potential donors are sometimes put off by the fact that they don't work 'directly' with children.

So, they needed a visual which clearly explains what they do - something to accompany their annual reports and fundraising efforts. We put our collective heads together to summarise and distil down what it is they want to say - exactly what they do and how they do it!

Following a genuinely interesting and insightful process working with the World Without Orphans European Team, we created this wonderful visual!

So what does World Without Orphans Europe do?

The Earth connections and systems of support

World Without Orphans works to equip leaders with the tools they need to solve their country's vulnerable children crisis. This happens through coaching, mentoring, training, creating resources, sharing information, and networking.

WWO Roadmap

World Without Orphan's Roadmap

These are the core values behind their work

  • Collaboration

  • Prevention

  • Intervention

  • Living Refreshed

WWO Strategy - Watering Thrive Nurture

World Without Orphan's Strategy

  • Watering - Ongoing Support

  • Thrive - Launching National Network

  • Nurture - Vision Casting and Building Teams

World Without Orphan's Cornerstones

With God at the centre, and the child as their focus. They understand how important family is for a child to grow and thrive, and the Church has the capacity to provide this.

WWO Cornerstones - Church God Sunshine Meadow

World Without Orphan's story told in this Graphic Summary

WWO Infographic Graphic Recording Roadmap Vibrant

It was such a pleasure to work with this amazing, dedicated team and to be able to support such a great cause. I'm grateful for this opportunity and that we had the space and time to create this graphic summary!

To find out more about their great work, please visit World Without Orphan Europe's website!


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