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Thoughts from a Keynote Artist & Visual Strategist

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The Many Types and Benefits of Graphic Facilitation

Graphic Facilitation covers many Creative Services...

...such as creating Strategic Infographics, leading a Creative Workshop, or doing Live Illustration at an event. Whatever your organization's goals or challenges may be, these unique, hand-drawn visuals might just be the key!

So let's see how Visual Thinking can help your organization, while exploring a few ways you could use them to facilitate your work!

Working with a Visual Thinking Partner can help you to...

  1. communicate more effectively

  2. elevate your employee/client/partner experience

  3. stand out and get your message across!

Graphic Facilitation often serves as a tool for Leaders & Stakeholders

it can help with effective communication,

creative systems thinking

and decision making!

Graphic Recording at a leadership meeting allows for Systems Thinking

Illustration of Systems Thinking - type of Graphic Facilitation

By drawing and connecting the parts which appear in the conversation, we may see causes and solutions with greater clarity

A well-known way to use Visuals is to Brainstorm Solutions

Illustration of Brainstorming - type of Graphic Facilitation

A talented Visual Facilitator not only captures and illustrates, but organizes your thought clouds in real-time!

We can use Visuals to Map Out Your Strategy

Illustration of Strategy Mapping - type and benefit of Graphic Facilitation

These strategy maps can then be shared with stakeholders, or just serve as an inspiring and engaging map to keep your team on track! (Sorry about all these unintentional rhymes across this article!)

Graphic Records of Conversations help Identify Challenges

Illustration of two people identifying challenges - benefit of Graphic Facilitation

Looking at a Visual Record of a workshop or conversation often makes it easier to identify challenges, spot recurring patterns or find what's missing from the full picture!

Visualize your Goals - quite literally!

Illustration of Visualizing Goals - type of Graphic Facilitation

We can literally Visualize your goals, allowing you to physically see them in front of you. As such, a Visual Summary or Vision Board can not only align the team on where you're heading, but serves as an tangible image to work towards

Graphic Facilitation Tools

benefit and support HR Best Practices,

it offers many ways to elevate your employee experience!

Visual Notes can improve Internal Communication

Illustration of Internal Communication - how Graphic Facilitation benefits it

Instead of long-winded emails, why not sent out a colorful visual summary of your updates?

Illustrate Complex Policies and Procedures

Illustration ofPolicy and Procedure - way of Graphic Facilitation

Fun and engaging Visual Summaries that people can't resist engaging with! Most of us are Visual Learners, so if you'd really like to get something across, a witty process illustration might just be the way to go!

Visuals to spice up your Training and Development Materials

Illustrated Training Materials - type of Graphic Facilitation

Make them more engaging and memorable by illustrating the key take-aways! Again, Visual Learners will greatly appreciate some anchoring graphics making it easier to retain all that information!

Custom Visuals celebrating Success and Achievements

Illustration of Celebrating Success - way of Graphic Facilitation

We can create and share Visual Summaries which better showcase the great news, something you can print for the office walls, or send to your colleagues, partners and clients!

Visual Journey Maps

Journey Mapping type of Graphic Facilitation

Create and share your company's Journey Map to show everyone where you've come from, where you're heading, and how you're going to get there

Graphic Facilitation can add a new dimension to your Marketing and Publicity

By using unique, hand-drawn visuals, you can rise above the crowd and get your message out!

Tell your Story with Visuals!

Branded Illustrations telling your story - Graphic Facilitation

Would you like more people to engage with your work?

Share complex information with simple, accessible visuals - these branded, hand-drawn illustrations will grab the attention!

Live Event Illustration (Graphic Recording)

Capture the information from company events in a stunning visual summary created real-time! (also known as Live Illustration, Graphic Recording or Scribing)

Unique Visuals to Take Away

Unique Gifts for your clients thanks to Graphic Facilitation

Give a unique & personal graphic to your partners and clients -something that makes you stand out, something to remember you by!

What else is Possible?

The sky is the limit when it comes to all the uses and potential impact of such visuals - especially these thoughtful, hand-drawn, human illustrations we can create together. This is something still missing from so many organizations, yet when brought into your work, it often feels like a breath fresh air!

If you'd like to see examples of any of the above, I'd like to invite you to take a wander on my website!


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