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Thoughts from a Keynote Artist & Visual Strategist

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  • Writer's pictureJulia Bakay

Real-time Digital Illustration of Keynote Speech

I was invited to capture Claire Pedrick MCC's keynote speech by creating a real-time Illustration at the first International Deep Talk Conference!

Most of my Live Illustration (aka Graphic Recording) happens virtually - and this time, since I happened to be in Sheffield, I got to attend the First International Deep Talk Conference in person. What a joy it was to capture this conference at the scene!

Claire Pedrick's Speaker Portrait for Real-Time illustration

Claire Pedrick, award-winning coach and author of 'Simplifying Coaching' was invited to speak on 'Meaning Making.' Claire is founding partner at 3D Coaching where the team work to develop the skills and confidence of individuals and the effectiveness of teams.

Their work seeks to engage the whole individual while developing healthy boundaries and clear objectives. Claire develops coaches around the world; to learn more about her great work, visit: Claire Pedrick MCC - 3D Coaching.

When I entered the Conference Building, she was the first one to walk up to me and greet me - little did she know that I was going to be here Live Illustrator - she was just being welcoming! It was the beginning of a beautiful camaraderie.

My first experience of someone creating a graphic digitally while I speak. Thank you Julia Bakay - for fun, friendship and enabling me to have new insights when I saw what you drew from what I said!!!"

- Claire Pedrick

Claire Pedrick and Julia Bakay following the Real-time Illustration at the Conference

Claire Pedrick's speech on Meaning Making was entertaining and insightful, a true joy to capture. The real, unique treat was that we had the time and space to explore the Illustration together, observing the details, creating new links and sharing insights.

"What was completely unexpected was that I got to look over the extraordinary summary of my talk I had new insights seeing how Julia had recorded what I said"

-Claire Pedrick MCC

Real Time Illustration on Claire Pedrick's Keynote Speech at the International Deep Talk Conference

The she wisdom shared will live on through this illustration, and that is the beauty of real-time illustration.

Artist, Julia Bakay, at a conference creating a real-time illustration

Thanks to this great collaboration between The University of Sheffield, BNRB Life Centre, 3D Coaching Ltd, and Out of the Box, this Conference was a truly unique and wholesome experience.

I rarely do Live Illustration in person these days, but if there's an event one has to be in the room for, THIS was it. I would recommend this Conference experience to anyone intrigued by the art and practice of Deep Talk.


Beautiful words from Claire Pedrick's wonderful speech

  • How to deepen your practice

  • Connecting with the coaching world

  • Everyone is different in how we get an insight, how we see things differently

  • If cracked from the outside, life ends. If cracked from the inside, life begins

  • A new idea is delicate

  • It is individual holy ground

  • Seeing leads to transformation

  • The Process - Arriving - Wisdom - Wonder - Evolving

  • People arrive when they have spoken

  • Take time to breathe

  • Look, listen, feel, wonder

  • What are you bringing?

  • What do you need?

  • What are you taking away?

  • Allow yourself to play

  • Engage with how you feel

  • Creating a mental map

  • You are the facilitator

  • Coaching is feeling seen, heard, felt, and getting insights

  • Tolerate not knowing


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