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Illustrated Posters for The Peace Building, a UK Educational Charity

It's been a year since I met Anna Lubelska, the founder of The Peace Building non-profit organisation, and our joyful creative partnership began, enhancing the great work of her UK-based charity with our creative ideas, artistic solutions, and visual communication tools over the year.

Our collaboration took many forms, resulting in Infographics, Flyers, Banners, Worksheets, and Illustrated Posters supporting the mission of this wonderful Peace Building Educational Charity.

It all started with a poster for Peaceful Schools (a part of The Peace Building) - an illustrated infographic explaining the four levels of peace: Inner Peace, Peaceful Relationships, Peaceful Community, and Peaceful Connections.

This poster is now on display in Primary Schools across the UK!

lllustrated Posters for Peacebuilding Charity - The Four Levels of Peace for Peaceful Schools

Soon after, we got inspired to alter the poster for Secondary Schools!

lllustrated Posters for Peacebuilding Charity - The Four Levels of Peace for Peaceful Schools

If you look closely, you may notice we used many of the same characters to depict them 5-10 years later on their Peace Journey.

I hope some of those going from a Peaceful Primary School to a Peaceful Secondary school will notice! I remember as a child, I could spend hours observing something like this to its finest detail.

Both of these Posters are now downloadable from The Peace Building website under Peaceful School Resources, and printed in many Primary and Secondary Schools across the UK!

Our Four Levels of Peace Posters have also been included in the Newsletter of the International Network of Peace Museums!

Flyers and lllustrated Posters for Peacebuilding Charity

After the great success of our Peaceful Schools posters, I was asked to create a flyer to promote the The Peace Building website.

Since The Peacebuilding non-profit organisation serves as an online museum, our aim with this flyer was to inspire people to visit and lose themselves in this virtual space.

I based the design of this flyer on that of their website, using The Peace Building's vivid brand colours. These flyers were printed in an A6 Postcard format, ideal for sharing, mailing, and pinning to billboards - spreading the news of the World's First Online Peace Museum!

Newsletter Header -Flyers and lllustrated Posters for Peacebuilding Charity

We also spiced up The Peace Building Newsletter's look with new headers and banners to accompany the great news and stories they have to tell!

If you'd like to learn more about their work, make sure to sign up to the Peace Building newsletter!

Newsletter Header Flyers and lllustrated Posters for Peacebuilding Charity

Our last creative endeavour of 2023 has been the creation of a series of Peace Hero posters and Peace Hero worksheets!

The Peace Hero posters featuring Marcus Rashford, Malala Yousafzai, Princess Diana, Steve Backshall, Greta Thunberg and Kay Rufai are free to download and print which will be of benefit to Peaceful Schools and personal admirers alike.

The aim of these worksheets is to introduce children (and adults!) to Peace Heroes, to learn about their lives and the different ways they've promoted peace in the world. We want people to see that anyone can become a champion of peace, regardless of who you are or where you come from.

There isn't a single path to peace, and the varying methods used by our Heroes should serve to inspire the next generation of Peace Heroes.

You can download the Peace Hero worksheets and Illustrated Posters from the Peaceful Schools Website.

Worksheets and lllustrated Posters for Peacebuilding Charity

The idea and funding for the project came from Anna Lubelska, the written content created by Adam Pike (Director of Spiritual England) and richly illustrated by me, Julia Bakay.

I'm so grateful for this wonderful creative partnership.

This trio is behind the scenes of a Charitable Association called Spiritual England! Visit the website to see more of how we've combined our talents.

To enjoy the above in great detail, read on!


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