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Claire Pedrick Keynote Speech _ Meaning Making _ Deep Talk Conference _ University of Shef

Real-time Graphic Recording based on a remarkable Keynote Speech

Real-Time Illustration  •  International Deep Talk Conference  • With award-winning coach Claire Pedrick  •   In partnership with University of Sheffield

Meaning Making

By Claire Pedrick

A rich picture illustration created Live in-person at the first International Deep Talk conference in Sheffield, UK. 

During the event, I captured this detailed visual graphic highlighting the keynotes of Claire's speech. Offering insights into the practice and process of Deep Talk and Making Meaning, alongside valuable advice from this award-winning coach.

The event was open to those working in similar areas, such as meditation, coaching, consultancy, teaching, and storytelling. 

Live graphic recording, the process of creating these beautiful infographics in real-time, can be thought of as a type of Visual Storytelling. As a Keynote Artist, I pluck the key points from the source material and weave them into a beautiful and understandable visual recording. 

The resulting hand-drawn illustrations provide so many benefits depending on what you wish to achieve. Whether that's increased awareness through marketing, improved engagement from members or employees, or educators wanting better integration of their lessons.

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