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Meaning Making

By Claire Pedrick

Claire Pedrick Keynote Speech _ Meaning Making _ Deep Talk Conference _ University of Shef
  • Deep Talk Conference

  • How to deepen your practice

  • Connecting with the coaching world

  • Everyone is different in how we get an insight, how we see things differently

  • If cracked from the outside, life ends. If cracked from the inside, life begins

  • A new idea is delicate

  • It is individual holy ground

  • Seeing leads to transformation

  • The Process - Arriving - Wisdom - Wonder - Evolving

  • People arrive when they have spoken

  • Take time to breathe

  • Look, listen, feel, wonder

  • What are you bringing?

  • What do you need?

  • What are you taking away?

  • Allow yourself to play

  • Engage with how you feel

  • Creating a mental map

  • You are the facilitator

  • Coaching is feeling seen, heard, felt, and getting insights

  • Tolerate not knowing

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