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Graphic Facilitation

Do you ever just wish you had an extra brain? One that helps you see from a different angle? One that triggers your creativity?


By hiring a Visual Thinker & Facilitator, you're not just getting a beautiful Visual, but all that the collaboration brings out of you and your team! Graphic Facilitation allows you to think differently, have new insights, think in systems. On top of that, the outcome can be a creative Workshop you offer or a stunning Strategic Visual to take away.

Design a Creative Workshop

Bring in a Graphic Facilitator to design a unique workshop, to engage and inspire the participants!

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Build a Strategic Visual

Creating a map of your journey, strategy, goals or values may take time - sometimes you only find answers when you see the visual building. I'm here to work with you along the way - as your Visual Strategist and Visual Thinking Partner

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Hire a Visual Thinking Partner

Sometimes I'm just brought in to help make sense of processes. Having a Graphic Facilitator on board allows for Systems Thinking,  effective Brainstorming, and thinking using Visual Metaphors. 

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