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Graphic Recording Rates and Fees

Graphic Recording Rates, Pricing, and Fees

Graphic Recording requires a unique and niche skillset; it's a truly valuable service when done properly. Just like with most things in life, whether you're servicing your car or hiring a tutor, the highest quality likely isn't the cheapest, and yet it's absolutely worth the investment. The question is - how much is that investment and what do I get for it?

Let's take a look into typical Graphic Recording Rates!

What factors influence the price of Graphic Recording?

  • The type and length of your event or conference influences the pricing of Graphic Recording

  • Whether it's In-Person or Virtual Graphic Recording, as the former includes:

    • travel expenses

    • Material costs

    • travel fees (some artists charge a half day rate to cover travel time)

  • Virtual graphic recording solutions

  • The location - pricing will vary depending on where you are in the world. Rates are the highest in North America and Australia, followed by European Countries

Are Graphic Recording rates calculated by the hour or by the day?

Many Graphic Recorders have 'day rates and half-day rates' depending on how long the 'real-time illustration' part will take. In reality, this pricing can be a bit misleading - the work starts far before we show up to create the live illustration.

To deliver the quality you've seen in our portfolio, much more has to go into the Graphic Recording process than what you see happening during the conference - if you're interested in what goes on behind the scene, check out 'My Recipe for Successful Event Visualisation'!

Beyond the time we spend preparing for an event, there are a few steps we can take together to make sure the engagement will be successful!

What I like to include in the Graphic Recording Rates and Service

- This is everything I think is required for a successful Live Event Visualization

  • Pre-event planning calls to understand your organisation, your work, the purpose of your event, and your goals

  • A Branded Digital Template - brand colours, preferred visual style, logos etc

  • Developing the visual style and format that suits your event and message

  • A technical rehearsal prior to the event

  • Digital Graphic Recording for the duration of the program, using your own vibrant colours

  • Optional screen-sharing during the event - as it unfolds or at the end of the day

  • The polished graphics in both high-resolution and low-resolution are provided within 24 hours, so you can send them out in a follow-up email or share on social media

  • A round of edits is included in the quote, so you can go through the graphic and suggest changes before receiving the final version

Ideally, you don't just see the artist for the first and last time at the event! As in every professional field, there's a great deal of variation in what you'll get from different Graphic Recorders.

There are scribes who'll walk up without any preparation, fill a big sheet with drawings and leave - and if that's what you're looking for, you may be able to get it under £500. However, if you'd like something a bit more comprehensive, like the full service listed above, it'll likely be at least 3 times that.

Are the most expensive Graphic Recorders the best?

We can each decide that for ourselves - as how you like a Graphic Recording piece will be entirely subjective. In my experience, once over a certain level of experience (which is generally reflected by their rates), higher price doesn't necessarily equal higher quality.

There aren't all that many of us, but even the ones offering this more comprehensive type of service have wildly different styles and approaches! I've written an article that may help you to find the best Graphic Recorder/Live Illustrator for your particular event, and I hope once you find the one you like, this explanation of Graphic Recording Prices will help you to better understand what you might be getting.

I'll post an article soon with more specific information on this - make sure to subscribe if you're interested!


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