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Thoughts from a Keynote Artist & Visual Strategist

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Live Digital Scribing for ID in Nuclear

Digital Graphic Recording at ID Nuclear's Conference

About ID Nuclear and their Annual Conference

ID Nuclear is an amazing nonprofit based in the UK, supporting organisations in the Nuclear Industry with their EDI efforts.

I had the pleasure of joining their Annual Conference to draw the key takeaways from their sessions. Digital Scribing was an excellent choice for this hybrid event; I got to join remotely and we could do justice to their fantastic, vivid brand colours!

Live Scribing during the Keynote Speech

Digital Scribing for ID Nuclear - illustrated live

Digital Scribing during the Panel Discussion

Digital Scrining for Inclusion and Diversity in Nuclear's Conference

And here we go again, stay tuned for...

Another year of Live Scribing for the ID Nuclear Conference!

Our template is ready, using the same brand colours but in new ways this time - we wanted it to feel different to the previous year's while matching it in style! For the template, we worked a couple of important and relevant Nuclear Facilities into the design!

Digital Scribing Template Ready

More to come soon!

Until then, explore some more examples of...


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