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Graphic Recording

How To Be More Creative

By Todd Henry


​Illustration Written Notes

  • Creativity is problem solving!

  • It is a skill we can learn

  • We take things that don't seem like they go together and find those loose connections

  • We commit to challenges and avoid distractions

  • Deep work is the goal

  • Efficiency is measured through productivity

  • What really matters is long-term effectiveness

  • Allow your ideas to marinate

  • Those who think, are moving the needle in organisations

  • We need to separate time in order to: think, write, read, learn, and be creative!

  • You're responsible for your creative health

  • You reap what you plant

  • Structure your time, energy, and life

  • Seasonal rhythm is crucial

  • Take notes of your ideas

  • Read and enjoy art, consume intellectual snack food

  • Understand yourself and the value you are meant to bring

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